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5 Favourite Affordable Restaurants in Canmore

The Bow Valley is well known for its breathtaking mountain views, wildlife, and endless outdoor activities. The region welcomes visitors with all types of travel budgets, and while there are some very high-end restaurants in the Bow Valley, there are also many gems that sit at the crossroads of affordability and excellence. Here are a few local favourites!

Marra’s Way Sushi

For a relatively small tourist town in the mountains you may not expect to find an incredibly affordable sushi spot; I know I didn’t! But Marra’s Way is exactly that. With their simple rolls and appetizers starting at under $5 for 6 and their fancier rolls at just under $7 for 6, it’s hard to beat their price for value. Inside you will find a small dining area with large windows looking onto the busy street. The staff are so friendly you won’t be able to leave without a smile on your face. The hostess and chef will usually always thank you and wave goodbye as you leave. Marra’s Way is number one on my list as it checks all of the boxes for an affordable bite to eat. Welcoming, clean, and most important: DELICIOUS!

Indian Authentic Cuisine

Personally, I think what matters in a tasty, affordable meal is that you feel welcome and comfortable in the restaurant and that the delicious food is a decent portion. If you are in Canmore and craving some mouthwatering authentic Indian food, Indian Authentic Cuisine is the place to go. I mean it’s all in the name of the restaurant! This is where you go when you want to sit down and just enjoy a warm, perfectly spiced meal. Or to pick up some filling take out on your way home from a long ski day. They offer a broad menu and I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever been to a more welcoming restaurant. Most of their mains are under $20, and their appetizers/extras are typically under $10. Indian Authentic Cuisine is definitely a stand out place to eat.

The Rose & Crown Restaurant and Pub

You can find a Rose and Crown Restaurant in both Canmore and Banff, so you have not one but two opportunities to enjoy their comfortable pub atmosphere. This review will just be for the Canmore location to not confuse! Okay so not everything on The Roses’ menu is under $20 dollars for a dish, but they do have some options, and let me tell you they are GOOD. Not to mention they have daily specials which are all under $15. I’ve included The Rose & Crown on this list because the atmosphere, service, and quality all make for an evening you won’t regret, without too much of a hit on the bank account. It is located right on the edge of Canmore’s downtown area. Making it the perfect spot to stop for a bite and a pint after a long day of enjoying the views. And if you happen to be around on a Tuesday make sure to stop by for their Trivia night!

Cabeza Grande

I stumbled upon this place last winter after a long day exploring and was not disappointed. I say stumbled, when in reality it’s located smack dab in the middle of downtown Canmore, so it’s hard to miss. Anyway, I’ve included it on my list as you can spend as much or as little as you want here. Most of the menu is per taco and the price of the dishes definitely reflects in the portion size. They usually have a weekly special on as well. When I went it was their chimichanga, it was under $15 dollars and I would be lying if I said I didn’t go back that same week just to get it again. The staff is amazing, the atmosphere is amazing, the drinks are amazing and the food is (surprise, surprise) amazing! If you like Mexican cuisine and have a crisp 20 in your pocket, definitely stop by for a few tacos here.

Quatro Asian Bistro

Can’t decide on what Asian cuisine you want to eat? Well no problem here, Quatro is an Asian fusion restaurant, with dishes from Thailand, the Philippines, China, Indonesia, etc. With most of their main dishes being under $20 you might expect a bit of a lackluster meal, but that couldn't be more wrong! I have had Pad Thai at Quatro more times than I can count and not once was I disappointed. Not to mention one serving usually lasted me two days and I’m not known for eating small amounts. The noodles were never soggy. The vegetables are always cooked to perfection and so packed full of flavour it almost shocks you! I’d be surprised if you found anyone who has had the food at Quatro and left disappointed.

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