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Q. How far is Canmore from Banff National Park?
A. Canmore is approximately 7 km (6 minute drive) to the Banff National Park Gates and 25 km (17 minute drive) away from the Banff Townsite. We made a video of the drive from Canmore to the Banff Townsite that you can watch here: Canmore to Banff Drive

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Q. How far is Canmore from Calgary International Airport (YYC)
A. Canmore is approximately 120 km (1 hour and 15 minute drive) away from the Town of Canmore. We made a video of the drive from YYC to Canmore that you can watch here: YYC to Canmore Drive

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Q. Should I book a rental car for my vacation in the Canadian Rockies?
A. This depends entirely upon which activities you wish to partake in during your vacation in Canmore.

Many of the most popular destinations in Banff National Park can be accessed by public transit during the peak summer season (May - September). Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Johnston Canyon, Sulphur Mountain (Gondola), various ski resorts, and Lake Minnewanka can all be accessed by public transit. 

For travelers seeking  convenience and unlimited access to tourist destinations beyond those destinations covered by public transit, we recommend booking a rental car. A rental car will provide you with flexibility, and will afford you the opportunity to visit destinations which are off the beaten path. 

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Q. Do you provide a free Banff National Park Pass during our stay?
A. No, Canmore Mountain Vacations does not provide a free Banff National Park Pass for use during your stay with us. Banff National Park Passes (Discovery Pass ) must be signed by the park pass owner, and are not transferable once they have been used. 

Discovery Passes are reasonably-priced, and available for purchase at the Banff National Park Gates located approximately 7 km away from Canmore. 

Alternatively, you may order a Discovery Pass online prior to your trip and have the park pass mailed to you. 

For more information regarding Discovery Passes, we encourage you to visit the Parks Canada website.

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Q. Do guests have access to condo amenities like hot tubs, pools, and fitness centres? 
A. Condo amenities vary depending on the condo complex. For this reason, we encourage you to carefully read through our listings to ensure that you book the suite that best suits your needs! 

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